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"Shadders? On me Lungs? I'm bein' eaten away, this is the end of me, oh gawd in 'eaven 'elp me!" 

Shaddersonline started with one quote, a Michael Caine quote indeed from the original (and best so kiss my arse Jude Law) 'Alfie' and obviously a great love of the finest music. Firstly there was an old skool music fanzine, we featured all the bands we loved and Shadders? On me Lungs? was sold (or given away) to places as far afield as Japan,America and err Scunthorpe but normally round our stomping grounds of the toilet venues of Yorkshire and the East Midlands. We've been lucky to see and talk to some storming bands, some have gone onto world domination some just gone by the wayside but all have provided a stunning soundtrack to our lives. Our trusty printer left our shores to the sunshine of Florida it was time to move into the digital age. Move aside Shadders? On me lungs? and  enter shadders online, hooray to the website and welcome to the 21st century!

Shaddersonline nails it's musical taste firmly to the indie guitar mast. That said we like our indie or indeed guitars with hints of dance, rock, twee, alt country, retro, electro, nu folk, new wave, acoustic... but mainly plain old indie guitars. What you won't see on her is any of this urban / rnb or rap nonsense, we give that a very wide berth!

Shaddersonline has plenty of content, what we won't be is some flash harry's, all sparkle and no depth, we'll keep the zine ethos alive just online!  No we stand by the fact there's loads to read on the webzine that is shaddersonline. Have a look through the menu above.  

Click on BLOG - For live reviews, single / album reviews, upcoming events, who to check out throughout this world wide web to find the best up and coming music and what's on the shadders stereo.

Click on MARTIN BLACK - our homage to Doncaster's best punk, folk, acoustic, rock singer songwriter. 

Click on GALLERY- We obviously like to write and express our views but lets face it everyone loves a good picture! And we've got plenty on our gallaries so check them out, from South Yorkshire's new faces through to the big boys Elbow, Kasabian and Ian Brown too! There is also a gallery just for Martin Black too!

Note all photo's are copyright www.shaddersonline.com so if you do want to use them please ask first!

Click on the INTERVIEWS - We get to chat to the famous and not so famous of indiepop, all in here.

Click on ARCHIVE - Loads of stuff from the past including live reviews, album reveiws, interviews plus our specials on now defunct The Rain Band, The Lee Griffiths and The Cooper Temple Clause. Loads and loads of stuff in fact!

Click on FACEBOOK CHALLENGE - 18 questions posted to all the bands we have 'liked' on facebook, always the same questions but some very, very different answers! Loads of bands involved and some quality responses! Real good fun.

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Shaddersonline says stay lucky and we'll no doubt see you 'darn the front!

Colin aka shadders